• GPS / Roadbook Routes

    Schitterende routes beschikbaar voor uw onvergetelijke vakanties. Ga naar SB-Experience in het menu of druk HIER voor meer informatie.

  • Defender 110 met daktent

    een goede keuze voor een weekendje weg

  • Defender 130

    Wilt u voor een week weg, of langer? Dan biedt deze Defender alles om de natuur in te gaan.

  • one-stop-go

    Extra bij te huren, het one-stop-go pakket. Van pannen tot stoelen. Vraag naar de mogelijkheden!

  • Defender 110

    Dé Defender voor een wintersport naar Scandinavië bijvoorbeeld

Our Defenders

Our Defenders are for rent with various options. Currently there are three types available. A Defender 110 with camper unit, a Defender 110 with roof tent and a Defender 130 with hood, a Defender 130 with one or two roof tents.

Steel brothers is currently expanding its collections of Defenders. As soon as we have new Defenders available, you will see them on our site immediately.


Our Defenders are readily available! We have a large variety of roadbooks available at your choice throughout Italy, Norway, Croatia, Pyrenees, Finland, France, Slovenia etc etc. Each roadblock consists of tracks from 1 to 4 weeks over 50%…80% forrest, gravel, mountain tracks. It is up to you which one it will be! Are you going on a weekend trip or embarking on a grand adventure with roof tent to Scandinavia!
For us, safety comes first! Our Defenders are well maintained and tested on safety (brakes/tires/engine). In addition, our Defenders are regularly checked by Sons4x4. A special rental policy covering all passengers is included with our Defenders.


To make the 4×4 adventure complete, there are various options for renting extras. Think of a roof rack, bicycle rack, roof tent or camper unit. There is also an extensive package in the form of one-stop-go. Click on the links below for more information.

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 Steel Brothers

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